Don’t Start Renovations Until You Have Completed These Tasks

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Don’t Start Renovations Until You Have Completed These Tasks

If you are planning on completing some renovations in your home, there are a few actions to take first. These cover all your bases, from making sure the renovations are approved by the city to keeping your safety and security in mind. Make sure you don’t rush through renovations and forget these very important preparations.

Inquire About Building Permits

One of the first things you should always do when you are going to complete home renovations is find out if you need any type of permit. Some renovations are minor and therefore don’t need a permit, while others do. This depends on your city ordinances, so it is a good idea to consult the building permit office either way. If you are using a contractor for the renovations, they can help you figure out what permits you need, but if not, this is something you need to determine on your own. Things like tearing down a wall, adding a floor or room, or doing major plumbing work often require permits.

Test the Property For Asbestos

If you are completing renovations on an older home and it hasn’t yet been tested for asbestos, now is the time to do it. Asbestos is   highly dangerous substance that can lead to various types of serious diseases and cancer. It was often used in older homes and businesses due to being durable and fire-resistant, but it has since been proven to be dangerous. You need to have your home tested for asbestos, then have it removed if any traces are found. Don’t do any type of remodeling before you get the asbestos removed.

Check For Plumbing and Wiring in the Walls

When you intend to complete renovations by tearing down a wall to open up two smaller rooms in your home, you must first check what wiring or plumbing systems might be behind those walls. Don’t do what you see in movies and just swing your sledgehammer to take the wall down. If you hit electrical wiring, it could do major damage and require a visit from your electrician to completely re-wire your home. The same can be said for damage to plumbing pipes that might be in the wall. Go slow and know what is behind that wall before you do anything.

Figure Out How to Dispose of the Waste

After you start working on your home renovations, you will end up with a lot of waste. This might be carpeting or flooring tiles, windows or doors you are replacing, drywall, wallpaper, or various types of wood and metal. Much of this waste can be recycled, but some of it is going to be dumped. Find out now how you will dispose of it, whether you rent a skip bin, haul it away yourself, or hire a hauling company to pick it up for you.

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How To Get Red Wine Out Of Your Carpet

Although the festive party season is undoubtedly great fun, it’s also pretty inevitable that someone will spill something on your carpet, and red wine is one of those spills that you dread!  Because of its composition, red wine is notoriously difficult to remove successfully, although it can be done.  Read on to find out how.

Method one

What you’ll need

  • baking soda
  • clean, white cloth
  • cold water

How to do it

  1. The most important thing to remember is to act quickly.  The sooner you tackle the stain, the more successful you will be at shifting it.  
  2. Using a white cloth, blot up as much of the spill as you can.  Don’t rub at the stain, or you’ll spread it further, and you could drive the wine deeper into the carpet pile, making it harder to remove.  A white cloth is best for this job, as it allows you to see whether you’ve removed all of the stain or if there’s a little bit of residue left.  
  3. Next, pour a small amount of cold water onto the stain to help dilute it.  Carry on blotting until you can’t get any more of the stain out.  
  4. Make up a paste by mixing baking soda and water.  Apply the paste to the stain and allow it to dry.  
  5. Vacuum the area to remove the baking soda.

This method should get rid of most red wine spills.  However, if the stain proves particularly stubborn, try the following method too.

Method two

What you’ll need

  • white vinegar
  • washing-up liquid
  • clean, white cloth
  • sponge
  • warm water

How to do it

  1. Mix together equal parts of white vinegar and washing-up liquid, and then add a small amount of warm water.  
  2. Apply the mixture to the stain using a sponge, making sure that the area is well-soaked.  
  3. Use a clean white cloth to blot-up the liquid, and carry on blotting until all the stain has gone.

In conclusion

It is possible to get red wine stains out of your carpet with a little know-how and swift action.  Before you begin cleaning, always test your cleaning mixture on a small area of carpet that’s not easily visible, just in case the colours run.  If the stain is proving particularly stubborn, or has gone unnoticed for a long time, call your local cleaning services company for assistance.  They will have access to specialist cleaning chemicals and equipment that will soon have your carpet looking as good as new.

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Requirements for putting a skip bin on public property

If you’re refurnishing, rebuilding or just getting rid of a lot of things from your home, you need the help of some sort of rubbish removal service. It can be a real hassle to fill up bin bags, recycle all the material, and then drive it to the tip all by yourself, especially if you’re working on a large project which will accumulate a lot of rubbish. The easiest thing to do is to hire a skip bin, as this will allow you to get rid of all your rubbish at the same time, without any effort on your part. There is, however, one thing you need to consider when hiring a skip bin, and that’s the placement of it.

Getting a permit

If your property is not large enough to house a skip bin, you do have the opportunity to place it on public property. However, this requires a permit from the council, which needs to be obtained before ordering the skip bin. The permit will only be given if you can prove that you don’t have the space necessary on your property and if it doesn’t pose as a danger to anyone in the surrounding area.

Make sure it’s visible

If you wish to place the skip bin on the side of the road by your house, you need to make sure it’s as visible as possible to warn people driving or walking about its presence, also in the middle of the night. You should place marking plates on the side of the skip that is standing towards oncoming traffic; these are similar to plates used to mark heavy vehicles and machinery and should be put high up on the skip to warn other road-users. You should also use reflective tape all around the skip bin to increase its visibility.

Removing the skip bin

It’s important to remember that the permit comes with the condition that the skip bin should be removed as soon as possible. If a space on your property clears up, for example, you can be required to move the skip bin there. The same goes for when you are finished using your skip bin. If you hire your skip bin from a rubbish removal firm, they will come get it as soon as you notify them. Also remember that the council might ask you to move the skip bin if it becomes dangerous to other people in the surroundings or if it becomes an environmental hazard. This is usually part of the permit and if they need you to move it, you should do that as quickly as possible. 

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Reasons to Outsource Office Cleaning Services

Undoubtedly, most business owners know the importance of keeping their office premises clean and tidy. However, a common misconception that people have is thinking that by opting to delegate these tasks to their employees rather than enlisting the services of a professional company they will end up saving money on their bottom line. The truth of the matter, though, is that by tasking your employees with these jobs that are out of their job description, you stand the risk of demoralizing them. This in turn will result in reduced productivity. And since your employees are not professional cleaners, they will hardly do an optimum job. Here are some of the reasons why it is better to outsource office cleaning services.

Office cleaning services are more affordable than hiring an in-house cleaning crew

Having an in-house cleaning crew may seem like an advantage to your business, but it does not come without its costs. For one, you would have to keep the cleaning staff on payroll. This means more employees to pay salaries to and provide with benefits. Secondly, with an in-house cleaning crew, you would have to invest in office cleaning equipment. Since this equipment is designed for labour intensive work, it is typically more expensive than the equipment you would use around the home. All these additional costs will have a negative impact on your bottom line. By outsourcing a cleaning crew, you only have to pay them for services rendered, giving you the freedom to choose how frequently you would like them to clean your premises. Additionally, they have their own specialized commercial cleaning equipment, thus ensuring you get a professional job done.

Office cleaning services are flexible

With an in-house cleaning crew, you would have a schedule that they would stick to as employees. This means you would have to define their work hours and stick to them unless you would like to pay for over time. This may not be convenient in the event that you have a spontaneous business meeting at your office premises and need thorough office cleaning at the drop of a hat. When you outsource office cleaning services, you do not have to worry about inconveniencing them as they work around your schedule. This means you can enlist their services no matter what time of day or night, as some of these companies will offer twenty-four hour customer support. This can give you peace of mind that you will have your premises presentable whenever you need them to be.

There are many benefits to hiring an office cleaning company for your  business, so call one today to set up a schedule. 

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Do you have asbestos in your home?

Asbestos can be a very dangerous material and should be dealt with by an asbestos removal professional if found. It was commonly used in the building of houses pre 1980s. It was used in a variety of fixtures and materials such as ceiling and floor tiles, paint, roof shingles, insulation, pipe cement and flashing. Asbestos was used for many applications, as the fibres are resistant to fire, heat and chemicals as well as not being able to conduct electricity.

Why asbestos is dangerous

It becomes hazardous when it is airborne. This happens when the asbestos becomes damaged, releasing asbestos fibres. For example, if you have asbestos based insulation around pipes and boilers, as the pipe deteriorates, asbestos dust is released. Even simply drilling through a wall that has asbestos based paint can release fibres.  Fibres can be easily transported around a house through air conditioning vents and fans. The damage to people occurs when the fibres are breathed into the lungs where they become trapped and remain for years. This will lead to heavy coughing, shortness of breath and scarring of the lungs down the road. It also causes a number of different serious illnesses and conditions such as lung cancer.

Checking your home for evidence of asbestos

It is not enough to merely visually inspect your home for the presence of asbestos. If you suspect that something contains asbestos, you need to send a sample of the fibres to a lab that is certified in order to conduct analysis. The two types of analysis that are approved for asbestos identification are Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM). While some people will try to obtain samples themselves, it is recommended that you hire an asbestos removal expert in order to take a sample. There is no point risking damage to your health just to save a few bucks. At the end of the day, you need to protect yourself and the other people living you from exposure to any harmful fibres.

How will a professional remove the asbestos?

Once asbestos is found, removal is the only safe and permanent solution. If not done properly, there is a huge risk of extended fibre release. An asbestos removal expert will use a HEPA vacuum and disposable clothing when conducting the removal. It is important that you take an air sample after the removal has been completed in order to ensure that the house is now free from asbestos fibres. Always choose a reputable professional that has the necessary certifications. You can check with your local health department or workers association to find a competent professional.

For more information, contact a local asbestos removal company. 

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Types of Commercial Waste Disposal Companies

Businesses of any type can’t avoid the production of waste. No matter what type of industry the business might exist in, it is impossible to not pile up waste of some type. The waste that is produced or accumulated might be paper, cardboard, cans, oils, hazardous or other varying types. No matter what the type of waste is, all commercial waste must be disposed of within the confines of legal requirements. This means that all commercial businesses are under strict commercial waste disposal guidelines.

Commercial Waste Disposal

Since businesses have to dispose of all waste by following guidelines, it is a requirement that only licensed waste collectors are chosen for removal. These licensed waste removal companies will provide disposal services, but they are costly. This means that all waste must be separated correctly before a waste removal company can haul it off. It is important that the types of waste disposed of by the removal company are agreed upon before you hire a service provider. Not all waste disposal companies will remove all forms of waste. This means that every business needs to choose a provider that is certified to dispose of the types of waste that they accumulate.

Specialist Collectors

There are some types of commercial waste that require the use of a specialist collector. This includes all waste that is not classified as general. The types of commercial waste that can only be disposed of by specialist collectors include fluorescent tubing, materials that contain mercury, meats that are uncooked, oils, batteries, hazardous waste and clinical waste. These types of waste can only be collected by waste removal service providers that are certified to dispose of these specialty waste types. Most of these providers will only remove one specific specialty waste.

Transferring Waste

It is important to note that transferring waste from one site to another is against the law if you do not have the proper certification for waste removal. This includes all types of commercial waste. For this reason, there is no way to get around the need for a waste disposal company that removes the different types of waste from commercial properties. Failure to abide by the guidelines and restrictions that are in place regarding commercial waste types and its disposal can result in fines for both businesses that are having waste removed and the companies that provide these waste removal services. These restrictions are all stipulated in documents that service providers must make available to businesses before waste is removed.

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Choosing School Cleaning Services

Schools and other learning institutions gather hundreds of people every day under the safe roof. For this reason, they become a major source of spreading bacteria and viruses which can significantly affect children and adult’s health. It is therefore important to invest in an effective school cleaning solution in order to ensure that the institution remains a clean, safe and healthy place for its users. There are many school and commercial cleaning companies out there today that are ready to offer cleaning services. What factors determine the most suitable one? The following is a checklist to help identify a school cleaning company that is most suitable for cleaning services.

Diversity in school cleaning services

Schools come in a wide range of sizes and types, from childcare centers to high schools, colleges and universities. Unlike other commercial and residential cleaning services, school cleaning is diverse in terms of areas of cleaning and types of cleaning to be applied. Schools may require daily cleaning unlike other institutions. There is also the need to regularly sanitize and disinfect common areas in order to limit exposure to germs. A good cleaning service should be able to understand this and, as such, be in a position to meet these and other needs with their cleaning system. They should be flexible to accommodate the diversity in most school setups.

The need for safety

Schools need to be a safe environment for children who spend most of their days in them. A school cleaning company should take protection of children seriously. They should have the necessary certification and verification from the health board that proves them to be qualified and experienced in offering school cleaning services. In addition to this, all workers dispatched for cleaning services by the company should also understand health and safety regulations that they should practice as they go about their services.

Flexibility in scheduling

Schools are busy environments and any disruption of studies can jeopardize the students’ ability to learn. School cleaning activities should be scheduled in such a way that they do not cause any disruptions to the learning process. This means that cleaning can be done during breaks, in the evening after classes or at night. A good cleaning company should be flexible to accommodate the school’s learning schedule and stipulate a cleaning schedule that causes minimum disruptions.

Reasonable budget

Schools are required to operate on a strict budget with no superfluous monies or extraneous costs. This means that cleaning services should be within a reasonable budget. Get a cleaning company that offers the services you require without paying for inessential ones. This does not mean that one compromises the quality of services for a cheap quote. Go for quality services at a reasonable cost.

For more information, contact a local schools cleaning company. 

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