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5 Signs You're Overdue For A Carpet Cleaning

A well-maintained carpet doesn't just look good—it's essential in maintaining a healthy living environment. So, if your carpet is long overdue for a cleaning, it's a good idea to book an appointment with a trusted steam cleaning company as soon as possible. But how can you know when it's time for your next cleaning? Here are five signs to look out for that will help keep your living space fresh and pristine.

1. Visible dirt and stains

The most obvious sign that your carpet needs professional attention is visible dirt. Noticeable marks and stains should be steam cleaned as soon as possible to prevent lasting damage, particularly in the case of spills like coffee or wine. That said, even less permanent stains like footprints shouldn't be allowed to build up too much.

It's often difficult to remove stubborn visible dirt on your own, but high-powered carpet steam cleaning will penetrate the carpet fibres, break down the stain molecules, and lift them away.

2. Foul odours

Is there an unpleasant smell in your room that you can't seem to find the source of? Your carpet could be to blame. Odours like pet urine, cigarette smoke and even lingering food smells can easily become trapped in carpet fibres, emanating foul smells until they're cleaned. Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to combat these smells. The high-temperature steam will break down and remove odours at their source, leaving your room smelling fresh and clean.

3. Allergy and asthma symptoms

If it's not hay fever season, but sneezing and wheezing are becoming all too familiar, your carpet might be the culprit. When dust, pollen and other allergens settle into carpets over time, they can trigger or worsen allergy and asthma symptoms. If you or someone you live with has a sensitive respiratory system, regular carpet steam cleaning can make a world of difference to their quality of life. Removing allergens from your carpet fibres will improve your indoor air quality and provide that much-needed relief.

4. Increased foot traffic

Have there been more people in your home recently? Whether your family is growing or you've simply been welcoming more visitors to your home, the more foot traffic you have, the more dirt and grime will get ground into your carpets. Over time, this can make them appear dingy and worn. Generally, the best way to prevent this is to operate a no-shoes policy indoors. In the meantime, another carpet cleaning is sure to get your rooms looking as good as new.

5. It's been more than 12 months

Time flies, and it's easy to lose track of when your carpets were last cleaned. No matter how your carpet looks and smells, if you haven't had a steam cleaning in the last year, you should book one at your earliest convenience. Dirt and grime aren't always obvious, but they will wear down your carpet over time and compromise your indoor air quality. 

Contact a local carpet cleaning service to learn more.