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Is Your Home Suffering From a Mould Infestation?

Have you ever had the experience of moving the furniture around your home and discovering that mould is growing behind the sofa or around the back of the bookcase? It's surprising how mould can grow undetected in even the most used rooms in a property. A room doesn't have to feel damp or dirty for mould to flourish. It may only take the tiniest amount of water and a lack of adequate ventilation for mould to become a problem. If you do discover mould, do you know what to do next?

Dealing with mould properly

If you find mould growing in your home, it can be tempting to ignore the problem. Perhaps you will find another piece of furniture to place in front of it, try to paint over it or disguise the mould in another way. None of these solutions will be effective in the longer term, and you could be creating a serious health hazard for your family. If you find mould in your home, you must call a professional mould removal company to take care of the problem.

Is mould a serious problem?

Mould can look innocuous. It might start with just discolouration on the paintwork or wallpaper, but the longer-term health issues should be concerning for everyone. Mould spores can be hazardous when they are inhaled. If anyone in your home is prone is respiratory health issues or is clinically vulnerable, the results could be disastrous. Instead of taking an unnecessary risk, it is best to arrange for mould removal as soon as the problem is detected. If left alone, it will only get worse.

What can a mould removal company do?

Mould removal is about more than scraping mould off the wall. A professional mould removal company will take air samples to determine what type of mould is present in your home. They will then identify the most effective way of removing the mould from the property and suggest ways of ensuring that the mould does not return. They may be able to accomplish all of this in one visit, or the samples they take may require a more thorough analysis, requiring laboratory tests and further visits to your home.

If the mould infestation is particularly severe, there may need to be multiple applications of the treatment to ensure that the mould is fully eradicated. Mould removal is easiest before the mould has had an opportunity to spread. It is always best to call a mould removal company as soon as you realise that there is a problem. Contact a mould removal service for more information.