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Simple Curtain-Cleaning Tips for Different Types of Stains

As one of your home's most beautiful assets, your curtains may not receive the attention they deserve when it comes to your cleaning routine. Although they're tiring to take down, there are ways you can clean them without too much hassle.

Consider hoovering them once a month

Over time, your curtains will attract a lot of dust and debris, and this can result in your curtains looking drab. The amount you acquire will rise rapidly if you have pets, especially animals that shed their hair easily. To prevent your curtains looking too tired, consider hoovering them once a month. Using a handheld hoover will allow you to move with accuracy. To make sure you don't miss any spots, move systematically from top to bottom and hold your curtains tight while doing so.

Use a steam cleaner if necessary

If you notice that your curtains feature a grease stain or another type of spillage, you might want to consider using a steam cleaner. However, exercise caution when doing so, and always read the manufacturer's label first. Older curtains may shrink when you apply steam that's too hot. If you're unsure as to whether using a steam cleaner is appropriate, consider using a professional curtain cleaning service instead -- that way, you can remove stains from the fabric without worrying about causing damage.

Turn to everyday deodorisers

Excellent curtain cleaning isn't just about removing the dust and dirt that are visible. If you've recently moved into a house where the previous occupier smoked, acquired old curtains that smell musty, or your curtains have been exposed to funny smells during a house party, it's time to use a deodoriser. Always start with other curtain-cleaning steps, such as hoovering and steaming. After the curtains dry, use a deodoriser spray or create one of your own. You can create a deodoriser by adding a few drops of an essential oil you love to baking soda, and then sprinkling it over your curtains before hoovering it back off again.

Washing your curtains in a machine

Although it's possible to wash your curtains in a washing machine, exercise extreme caution when doing so, especially if they're dry clean only. Run one cycle per panel of fabric, and use cold water with your machine's hand wash setting. After taking the curtains from the machine, hang them on a line to dry or lay them flat and let them air dry instead. Avoid using tumble dryers in all cases, as they may cause the material to shrink.