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How to Ensure That Your Staff Treat Cleaning Chemicals with Respect

If you are in charge of maintenance and day-to-day operation in a large facility, you need to ensure that you always have safe and efficient practices in place. You will need to check that the building is in good condition and is cleaned effectively at the end of every shift and that all the people beneath you pay proper attention to safety. You know that you need to rely on certain cleaning chemicals as part of this clean-up process and are aware that some of these come with an inherent risk. But how do you ensure that all of the people in your care use these chemicals correctly so you maintain a stellar safety record?


You should constantly remind your workers to treat all chemicals or cleaning solutions with ultimate respect, no matter if they have used them for a long time in the past, or whether they are deemed to be "non-hazardous." This will help ensure that your staff members are always on their guard and that when they do come into contact with something that could cause them an issue, they act accordingly.

Proper Training

If you know that you have to use hazardous chemicals in any particular part of your operation, make sure that training is provided and that each worker is familiar with safety processes before they go any further. You must keep the appropriate paperwork in the supervisor's office and available to be read at any time.

Avoiding Reaction

Some chemicals simply do not mix together, and a reaction may occur if this were to happen inadvertently. Make sure that your workers avoid any cross contamination and do not try to refill an empty and potentially unidentified container with a reactive product.

Good Source

Be very careful where you source your chemicals, and make sure that this organisation always adheres to safety practices carefully. You should not take delivery of any bottles or packages that are damaged in any way, especially if the attached label is illegible. This type of situation should be treated as an anomaly and reported to a supervisor as soon as possible.

Appropriate Clothing

Finally, remember that all workers must wear appropriate clothing to include safety goggles and gloves, or as indicated on the paperwork. This will help avoid the risk of injury or contamination, and it will also keep your workforce as safe as possible.

Part of the Team

Foster a good relationship with your cleaning chemical supplier and make them part of your safety team going forward.