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Why Holiday Rental Hosts Should Get Their Curtains Cleaned

If you're a holiday rental host, you'll know how important it is to keep your property clean. However, many hosts focus only on surfaces, flooring and bedding, forgetting that curtains can get very dirty too. Here are 3 reasons why you should regularly have your curtains professionally cleaned by a bulk curtain laundry services company.

Guests Notice Dirty Curtains

The first and most obvious reason to use a regular curtain cleaning service is that guests can quickly spot signs of dirt on a property. If you live in the home you're renting out or you spend a lot of time there, you may not even notice the gradual accumulation dirt, pet hair, or stains. However, for guests who are taking their first look at the place, even small amounts of dust or minor marks on the curtains can be glaringly obvious. The last thing anyone wants is to stay in a home they perceive as unclean, so if a guest leaves a review saying your curtains were dirty, it could cripple your bookings.

Curtains Absorb Food Smells

When you open your home to holiday-goers, you'll be welcoming people from all over the world. If you allow guests to use your kitchen, you'll also be welcoming worldwide cuisine. While the unusual spices and flavours in foreign food are what make it so appealing to eat, heavily seasoned food can also have a strong aroma. These smells seep into fabrics like curtains, lingering long after guests are gone. If you don't have your curtains cleaned afterwards, your next set of guests will be able to smell these food odours, giving the impression that the house in unclean or poorly maintained.

Dirty Curtains Cause Illness

Dirt and unpleasant smells can both lead to bad reviews, but no review is more damaging than one in which a guest complains they got ill from staying at the property. This type of review could end your hosting business for good, so it's important to take steps to keep your guests healthy during their stay. One of these steps is having the curtains cleaned. Dirty curtains gather all sorts of airborne pathogens, toxins and allergens. But those air pollutants don't stay in the curtain's fabric; over time, they release back into the atmosphere. From mould spores to dust mites, these allergens can quickly get into your guests' systems, leading to breathing problems and skin rashes. Some hosts even make things worse by trying to clean their curtains with chemical-laden products that exacerbate allergic reactions. Professional curtain cleaning is the best way to ensure that your drapes don't make guests ill.