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When to Call a Commercial Service for High-Pressure Cleaning

Many homeowners have a high-pressure cleaner or pressure washer at home, and this can make it easy to clean off your home's aluminium siding and driveway or even wash your car. However, there are times when it's best to leave this type of cleaning to professionals, either for home or for a commercial building. Note when and why that is and how hiring professional pressure cleaning services can protect your property while making it look its best.

Tennis courts and other synthetic surfaces

If you have artificial turf for a lawn or have a tennis court on your property, you want to have a professional clean this surface when needed. The artificial turf of these surfaces is usually made of looped fibres, so it's not like cleaning a concrete driveway; too much pressure can damage the loops of those fibres and actually tear them, and the wrong detergent can mean drying out the adhesive and backing that holds the surface in place. Not using detergent can also mean allowing stains to get left behind. For anything synthetic, leave the job to a professional who can examine the material first and determine the best way to clean it.

Stone cleaning

Stones used for walkways, patios and other such areas are very durable when exposed to weather, but they may not be as durable as you think when it comes to pressure washing. The wrong type of pressure and detergent can leave etching behind on soft stone and may also cause the stone to become loose from the soil. In turn, you could have a tripping hazard or see the stone split and crack when it's not properly supported under all areas. The wrong technique can also mean creating soft soil that allows the stone to sink and become uneven.

Graffiti and other such marks

If your home or business has suffered graffiti, you want to have a professional manage this cleaning. The graffiti may be paint or it may be chalk or grease pens, and each of these means a different type of cleanser and amount of pressure. You also want to avoid using too much pressure or the wrong detergent on windows versus brick or siding of a building or home; windows can easily shatter under the pressure of a heavy-duty cleaner. You may even need to use stiff brushes on certain types of graffiti and other forms of damage in order to remove it completely. To ensure the job is done right without damaging your property, leave graffiti cleaning to an experienced pro.