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Requirements for putting a skip bin on public property

If you're refurnishing, rebuilding or just getting rid of a lot of things from your home, you need the help of some sort of rubbish removal service. It can be a real hassle to fill up bin bags, recycle all the material, and then drive it to the tip all by yourself, especially if you're working on a large project which will accumulate a lot of rubbish. The easiest thing to do is to hire a skip bin, as this will allow you to get rid of all your rubbish at the same time, without any effort on your part. There is, however, one thing you need to consider when hiring a skip bin, and that's the placement of it.

Getting a permit

If your property is not large enough to house a skip bin, you do have the opportunity to place it on public property. However, this requires a permit from the council, which needs to be obtained before ordering the skip bin. The permit will only be given if you can prove that you don't have the space necessary on your property and if it doesn't pose as a danger to anyone in the surrounding area.

Make sure it's visible

If you wish to place the skip bin on the side of the road by your house, you need to make sure it's as visible as possible to warn people driving or walking about its presence, also in the middle of the night. You should place marking plates on the side of the skip that is standing towards oncoming traffic; these are similar to plates used to mark heavy vehicles and machinery and should be put high up on the skip to warn other road-users. You should also use reflective tape all around the skip bin to increase its visibility.

Removing the skip bin

It's important to remember that the permit comes with the condition that the skip bin should be removed as soon as possible. If a space on your property clears up, for example, you can be required to move the skip bin there. The same goes for when you are finished using your skip bin. If you hire your skip bin from a rubbish removal firm, they will come get it as soon as you notify them. Also remember that the council might ask you to move the skip bin if it becomes dangerous to other people in the surroundings or if it becomes an environmental hazard. This is usually part of the permit and if they need you to move it, you should do that as quickly as possible.