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Five Accessories You Need When You Hire a Garbage Chute for an Apartment Renovation

If you are renovating an upper-level apartment, you need to get creative about waste disposal through that project. Hiring a garbage chute is a convenient option, made even easier with the right accessories. In addition to hiring the chute, here's what else you need:

1. Window Brackets

To ensure your chute is held tightly in place, you need window brackets. If you do a lot of upper-level renovation projects, you can buy your own chute -- because chutes break down into parts, they are relatively easy to store. In that case, you need to opt for window brackets that are easy to install on your own.

However, if you hire a chute, you simply need to make sure that the hire company includes window brackets with the purchase and connects them for you. Depending on the type of building in which you live, you can opt for a scaffold bracket that connects to steel scaffolding or a slab bracket that gets bolted into concrete.

2. Top Hopper

While you are working, it can be tempting to toss or throw garbage toward the chute. If you miss, unfortunately, the rubbish can fall past the chute and into the street below. A garbage hopper ensures that doesn't happen. It attaches to the top of your rubbish chute and helps channel rubbish into the chute.

3. Skip or recycling bins

Traditionally, you hook garbage chutes to skips that sit down on the pavement. However, if your flat is in a busy urban centre, there may not be room for a traditional skip. In that scenario, you can use large bins and simply change them out as needed.

It's important to note that skips are not the only option. If you have a lot of recyclable items, you can connect a recycling bin to the bottom of your chute as well. When hiring your chute, talk with a professional hire company like Qwik Chutes about what type of waste you have, how much you have and how much space you have for a skip.

4. Protective liner

A protective liner sits in the inside of your chute. It rolls out through all of the pieces of the chute like a long stocking. By investing in a protective liner, you ensure the chute doesn't get damaged by any abrasive rubbish, and if you are throwing away anything moist, damp or dirty, the liner prevents those elements from getting on the inside of the chute, helping to ensure it is clean when you are ready to return it.

5. Lid

Finally, you want a removeable lid for your chute. The chute is basically like a straw between the skip and your home. If you want to ensure no odours travel from the skip into your home, you may want a lid for the top of the chute. Or, if you prefer, you can opt to simply close your window and leave your chute there for the morning.