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Four Reasons to Get Professional Carpet Cleaning After Your Dog Has Been Ill on the Carpet

If your dog has been ill on your carpet, you can scrub it up and forget it, or you can consider calling a professional about emergency carpet cleaning. Professional cleaning uses heat and chemicals to fully remove the feces, vomit or other stains from your dog. Here's why it's important to get your carpet as clean as possible:

1. Vomit with zinc phosphide can make humans ill

The risk associated with dog vomit varies depending on why your dog is vomiting. If your dog is vomiting because he ate rat bait or poison with zinc phosphide in it, you may want to consider getting your carpets emergency cleaned as soon as possible.

If you suspect your dog has ingested poison, take him or her to the vet immediately so he can get help, and handle the vomit carefully. Humans exposed to pesticide-filled vomit can experience headaches, shortness of breath and general respiratory issues.

2. Feces with hookworms can pass hookworms to humans

Dog feces can have a number of germs, bacteria and parasites in them. If your dog has hookworms in particular, the hookworms can pass through the feces to you. Clean the feces carefully with gloves, and then have your carpet emergency cleaned to fully remove it.

Hookworm infection can cause anemia or inflammation in addition to the unsettling image of hookworms sucking on your intestines.

3. Viruses can live on your carpet for a month of more

Regardless of which viruses your dog has, those viruses can live on your carpet for up to a month or more. If a human or a dog has pooped or vomited on your floor, it's important to clean it up, but remember that without professional heat cleaning, the germs may linger.

Additionally, those germs may get lodged in your vacuum, and each time you use it, the germs can be reintroduced to your carpet.

4. Uncleaned odours can make your dog use the same spot repeatedly

Even if your dog isn't ill, you may want to consider professional cleaning to remove any odours he or she has left behind. If your dog poops on your carpet and you clean it, an odour likely stays behind.

Your dog senses that odor and then repeatedly uses that same area. However, professional cleaning uses brushes that penetrate to the bottom of your carpet fibers, effectively removing germs and odour.

If you want more tips on cleaning up dog vomit or feces and when to consider emergency cleaning, contact a professional carpet cleaning company, such as Hercules Carpet Cleaning.